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 in order of appearance

Nina Boutsikaris Nina Boutsikaris ... Marley Shelton as Wendy Peffercorn in The Sandlot (1993)
Thomas Mira y Lopez Thomas Mira y Lopez ... Michael Clarke Duncan as Bear in Armageddon (1998)
José Vadi José Vadi ... Samuel L. Jackson as Mister Señor Love Daddy in Do the Right Thing (1989)
Ingrid Wenzler Ingrid Wenzler ... Alain Cuny as Steiner in La Dolce Vita (1960)
Miles Klee Miles Klee ... Bob Einstein as Marty Funkhouser in Curb Your Enthusiasm (2004-2011)
Madeline Gobbo Madeline Gobbo ... Werewolf Jones in Simon Hanselmann's Megg, Mogg and Owl (2009-2017?)
Nathan Goldman Nathan Goldman ... Danny Strong as Jonathan Levinson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003)
Lewis Dejong Lewis DeJong ... Anthony Heald as Dr. Frederick Chilton in Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Mia Sara Mia Sara ... Oscar Levant as Adam Cook in An American in Paris (1951)
Adam al-Sirgany Adam al-Sirgany ... Brenda Harris as Albuquerque in Nashville (1975)
Ted Mcloof Ted McLoof ... Mariel Hemingway as Tracy in Manhattan (1979)
Denry Willson Denry Willson ... Lara Flynn Boyle as Stacy in Wayne's World (1992)
Jae Towle Vieira Jae Towle Vieira ... Alisa Freindlich as Stalker's Wife in Stalker (1979)
Colter Ruland Colter Ruland ... Bolaji Badejo as the Xenomorph in Alien (1979)
Devin Kelly Devin Kelly ... Anthony Edwards as Nick “Goose” Bradshaw in Top Gun (1986)
A.A. de Levine A.A. de Levine ... Billy Ray Cyrus as Gene the Pool Guy in Mulholland Drive (2001)
Lucy Schiller Lucy Schiller ... Jon Lovitz as Randy Pear in Rat Race (2001)
Andrew Key Andrew Key ... Philip Ettinger as Michael Mensana in First Reformed (2017)
Philippa Snow Philippa Snow ... James Franco as Alien in Spring Breakers (2012)
Chelsea Davis Chelsea Davis ... Garance Marillier as Justine in Titane (2021)
David Kuhnlein David Kuhnlein ... Anne Louise Hassing as Susanne in The Idiots (1998)
Matthew Kinlin Matthew Kinlin ... Grace Zabriskie as Visitor #1 in Inland Empire (2006)
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