A digital literary zine about side characters, bit parts, cameos, and the rest of the supporting cast.


Director: Nick Greer

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autists, shaggy dogs, Christine Baranski, bumbling criminals, magical negroes, Luis Guzman, milfs, forgotten scream queens, the Wayans Brothers, softcore & erotica, ひきこもり (hikikomori), failed suicides, tomboys, buddy comedies, Xander Berkeley, shut-ins, doesn't age well, celebrity cameos, hulking mutes, horny grandpas, cameramen, anonymous trolls, not as good as the book, Walton Goggins, sassy gal pals, doomed missions, janitors & lunchladies, acid westerns, dumb blondes & other ditzes, the guy in the bear suit in The Shining, cannon fodder, Jerry's girlfriends, Brad Dourif, animals, jaded guidance counselors, monster of the week, reclusive geniuses, bodice rippers, runaways, beards & lavender marriages, Lily Tomlin, shoot-em-ups, characters that never appear on screen, Nollywood, weird sisters, Pagliaccis, Elliot Gould, straight-to-video & OVAs, blind seers, failsons, Vietnam vets, slumming it, wandering Jews, Yaphet Kotto, lab techs, onlookers & bystanders, arm/eye candy, Beth Grant, drunk uncles, fictional bands, lost in translation, Jennifer Coolidge, wiggers & other race-blurring, stop-motion animation, Waingro from Heat, the films of Albert Pyun, informants, indigo children, box-office bombs, fuck-ups, exhausted parents, henchmen, Mary Lynn Rajskub, known only by nickname, spooks & their fall guys, peaked in high school, lavender weddings, chick flicks, Peter Stormare, ambiguous race or gender, ghosts in the machine, virgin sex pacts, gialli, bewildered stoners, Keith David, complicit bureaucrats, failed transitions, fan fiction, pinky violence, Mindy Sterling, twin movies, nude scenes, and Introducing..., Tom Green, body doubles, career suicide, lesser works, fag hags, band posters in teen bedrooms, Scott Caan, drifters, cinéma du look, blackouts, unnamed characters, Clint Howard, The Architect from The Matrix: Reloaded, going full retard, William Fichtner, practical effects, ugly people, mathematicians, meth heads, Mario Van Peebles, closeted jocks, runners-up, early career appearances, dubbing, trainwrecks, blooper reels & other end-credit scenes.